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  • The Crash Course
    The Crash Course
    Context for the massive changes now underway, as economic growth as we've known it is ending due to depleting resources
  • Edward Norton on Mastery, Must-Read Books, and The Future of Crowdfunding
    Edward Norton on Mastery, Must-Read Books, and The Future of Crowdfunding
    “Hey, you want to be taken seriously? Take things seriously. Do the work. Don’t coast.” – Edward Norton
    By the standards of the last 50,000 years of human history, we are all like lottery winners with shit loads of money and rather vulgar tastes.
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Best Of, Survival

Fighting Important lessons for all fights in your life. 1) Do not fight. The old adage: turn your enemy into an asset rather than a liability 2) A fight is never won before it starts 3) Distance reduces surprise, so make sure you are not surprised 4) Adopt a defensive posture, …

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Best of, Career

Public Service Bureaucrats often get a bad rep. Frequently they become symbols of waste and inefficiency for the media. Sadhguru provides a fresh view, he defines them as the sinew of society. http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/lifestyle/dna-of-success/a-bureaucrats-responsibility/

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Best of, Personal Investing

Margin Debt and it’s impact on stock prices Charles Hugh Smith, explains: How the stock market valuation in January 2016 is highly correlated with the margin debt. Stock market might not bounce back after a 50% correction, given the Margin debt will not be available so promptly after a crash. …

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Best of, Self Improvement

Gratitude Added:25/01/2016 How to Become a Luckier Person Overnight http://www.raptitude.com/2016/01/be-lucky/ David, describes how interesting an exercise it can be to experience gratitude for all experiences both the ones that bring joy and the ones that do not. The idea is to invite rather than force gratitude. This shift the paradigm …

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Best of, Gold and Silver

Gold moving from east to West In China Everyone Can Buy Gold At The SGE https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/koos-jansen/in-china-everyone-can-buy-gold-at-the-sge/ In this article Koos jansen highlights how easy it easy to buy gold in China. This is being done to reinforce the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). The shift of PMs (precious metals) from west …

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Future Trends, Best of

The Future of our World Oil Consequences of stock Market adjustment of January 2016 Why oil under $30 per barrel is a major problem Gail Tverberg explains that low oil prices, have consequences for future production. As oil companies have less profits they can invest less in oil rigs and the …

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Best of, Philosophy

Best Philosophy Posts and podcasts. Curated list. Added on 23/01/2016 http://cdn.freedomainradio.com/FDR_3183_Call_In_Show_20_Jan_2016.mp3 Question 3: [1:54:50] – “Am I deluded for believing there is another sentient entity more powerful than humans? In the same way that lab mice are oblivious to their captivity and experimentation, is it reasonable to consider a similar …

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